Monday, October 26, 2009

Try Something New

I was at the beach last week on Fall Break with my family. We had our canoe and paddled the sound. Then my 11 year old son mused, “Can we take the canoe into the ocean?” My first thought was “no way” and then I thought more about it and came to “why not!” The challenge was figuring out how to get the canoe from the sound to the ocean several blocks away.

We figured that out pretty quick. Just stick it into our CRV, with it sticking out the back and walk with it to the beach. Then my son and I carried it to the shore. And then we headed into the ocean. It was pretty calm so we made it through the breakers and then out into the ocean. On our return we tried to ride the waves in, turned a bit and then capsized and unceremoniously dumped onto the shore. We were fine except for being wet! So we did it again and again and again. On the fourth try we rode all the way in!

In your next mediation try something different. Do something adventurous. Instead of thinking “no way” think “why not!” Give your idea a try. Taking risks as a mediator, with planning and ground work completed, usually leads to opportunity.

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