Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool and Crisp

Fall is in the air? It is a cool and crisp October morning. With the change in season, this is a great opportunity to consider your mediation practice. I’ve written before about being a reflective practitioner and with a “chill” in the air – let me ask.

What are you doing to make your mediation’s “cool and crisp?”

Here are some questions for your consideration:

Do you begin your mediation in the same way every time? Do you use the same language? Do you sit in the same place? Do you always ask one “side” to go first? Do you ever engage in cross talk between the participants before going to caucus? Do you ever get participants back together during discussion other than at the end of mediation? Do you take notes at mediation?

The list goes on, as it should, because there are a myriad process choices as mediator. I encourage you to get out there, enjoy the brisk Fall weather and make every mediation cool and crisp!

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