Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Conflict Defined

Each Fall semester I teach a class – Mediation Theory & Practice - for the Conflict Resolution Department at UNC Greensboro. This is part of a Masters program and the students come from many different walks of life with a common interest in conflict resolution. I also teach this class online. In our first meeting I take the class through an exercise called “Defining Conflict” in which we consider our perspective on “conflict.” The last step in the exercise is to come up with one word definitions of conflict that are positive or constructive in nature.

Check out this year’s great list of words:

Catalyst – Communication – Creativity – Growth – Maturation – Rethinking – Evolving – Motion – Quest – Adventure – Relationship – Building – Change – Revitalization – Growth – Opportunity – Revolution – Renew – Resolution - Restoration - Bridging - Enlightenment - Dialogue - Disentanglement – Engagement – Movement – Workout – Differences – Learning – Curiosity – Understanding – Transformation – Challenge – Progress – Juncture – Path

So, the next time you get discouraged in a mediation, pull out your handy pocket note card with these words on it and then get back to work!

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