Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Reading !

What’s on your reading list this summer? Of course, you have the required mystery or spy thriller to take to the beach, but what are you reading to enhance your work as a mediator? (By the way, you can report such reading to the NC DRC as part of your CME reporting!) So, what’s it going to be? Here are a few classics for your consideration.

The Promise of Mediation, Bush & Folger, 2nd edition, Jossey Bass 2005
You will be surprised that there are aspects and techniques of transformative mediation that you will find useful in mediating most any type of case – even a litigated matter.

Getting to Yes, Fisher & Ury, 2nd edition, Penguin Books 1991
I know this is the old stand by, but when did you read it last? It’s a quick read and may offer you some insights you missed in your first reading long ago.

Frogs into Princes, Bandler & Grinder, Real People Press, 1970
This provides great insight and a glimpse into the foundational concepts of neurolinguistic programming. The book is actually a transcript of a training program including descriptions and discussions of various exercises.

I hear what you say, but what are you telling me? The strategic use of nonverbal communication in mediation, Madonik, Jossey Bass 2001
This is another NLP book that offers concepts to build rapport with mediation participants. I will warn you that the first part of the book is slow going, but picks up considerably when reviewing the application of concepts to mediation.

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