Saturday, February 23, 2008

North Carolina Mediator

North Carolina has a long heritage in the mediation field.

The first community dispute settlement center opened its doors in Chapel Hill in 1978, the first mandatory child custody mediation program was started by Judge Lanning in Charlotte in 1983 and court ordered mediation in Superior Court cases began in Surry County (Judge Jim Long's District) in 1991. The next year, 1992, mediation went state wide in our Superior Courts and now we have over 15 years of court ordered mediation experience. And the trend continues with mediation added to Industrial Commission cases in 1995, Family Financial Mediation went statewide in 2001 and most recently the Clerk of Court added a program in 2007.

There are now over one thousand mediators certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission (NC DRC). This "thousand" strong includes attorneys and other dispute resolution professions who adhere to the rules and standards promulgated by the DRC and the North Carolina Supreme Court. We have a tremendous amount of experience and we continue to bring new ideas to the dispute resolution field.

All in all mediation is alive and well in North Carolina.

This blog will be a place for North Carolina mediators to get program updates, learn news about their profession and to share the latest impasse breaking idea.

So, let's get started! Welcome to North Carolina Mediator.

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